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Davis Bacon Solutions is located in the heart of Texas. We offer 3rd party labor compliance consulting on Texas based development projects. We provide general contractors, developers, and housing authorities with the confidence to achieve and exceed awarding body’s expectations. As a 3rd Party Labor Compliance Consultant, we partner with awarding bodies to achieve the mandated State and Federal Labor Standards. We stand by you as a partner in this labor compliance journey.
Davis Bacon Solutions works actively to achieve the compliance of Section 3 requirements, Local Hire requirements, Apprenticeship Standards, Payment of Wages, and the Distribution of Project Compliance Documents to ultimately leads to the delivery of a timely project that meets regulatory standards. We have implemented successful HUD Section 3 Plans, Local Hire Coordination & Monitoring, and Skilled/Trained Workforce Utilization to make project completion as seamless as possible.
We will work alongside you and your subcontractors to make sure that all of your labor compliance needs are satisfied.